Homage to Eusebio Sempere

Homage to Eusebio Sempere - Ayala Triangle Gardens

Eusebio Sempere (1923 - 1985)

Eusebio Sempere studied fine arts in Valencia, where modern art was forbidden. In 1948, he moved to Paris where avant-garde artists influenced him to experiment with rigid plastic and turn out constructivist-style assemblages. He worked in a variety of art forms and materials form oils and gouache, to serigraphs, sculptures, and mobiles. He brought the element of changing light to kinetic art through the combination of light, shape, and movement. The sense of lyricism evident in his mobiles and sculptures is the direct result of the artist’s manipulation of light and movement. In 1968 he became involved in advocating the use of computers in graphic art and design.